Saturday, January 17, 2009

Yay for babies!

I love knitting for kids! There's just something about making something in a miniature size that is just so - I dunno - cute! Plus, they make for quick and satisfying projects. Since my girls are out of the baby stage and into the toddler and up stage, I have to wait for others to have babies so I can make itty bitty baby stuff. Now I have someone to knit for! Woohoo! Bella's teacher is pregnant and just found out she's having a little girl. :) Having 3 girls myself, I LOVE pink. So here's what I have in mind for her baby present:

Isn't it just too freaking adorable?! The above photo was taken from share32006's Flickr photostream. I found this photo on Ravelry and just had to do the same project. I love how she made a matching hat and teensie little socks. After sending her a quick message, she was fantastic enough to point me in the direction of the hat & sock patterns she used. Since I'm going to be knitting for a baby girl, I think I'm going to do mine in Berry (a dark pink color) and Taupe (the brownish color above). I really like the pink and brown combo, and I'm sure Bella's teacher will be getting plenty of light pink and white presents! In case you are wanting the patterns, here you are! All are available for free on Ravelry. If you aren't a member of Ravelry, I don't think you'll be able to see the patterns. You just need to join Ravelry anyway! It's awesome!! Here are the links: Hoodie Baby Blanket, TLL Basic Knit Hat Pattern, and North Country Cotton Baby Socks.

If you don't have a baby to knit for, consider making some of the above items for local hospitals. If you do, please remember to use a soft, 100% acrylic yarn, such as Caron Simply Soft. Acrylic is hypoallergenic and able to be used in NICUs. Check your local hospital to see if they accept donations. If they don't, there are plenty of websites collecting hats for various charities. Peace!

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