Wednesday, January 21, 2009

An ugh kind of day.

Today is one of 'those' days. Everything started out great. Joe and I got to talk for a few minutes online, which is huge these days. Bella got to school on time, even with a last minute stop at Walmart to buy snack for her class. That's when it all went downhill somehow. When we got home, Brooke just went nuts. She's throwing tantrums, screaming, trying to stop me from doing things I need to do...just driving me insane. I put Kaelyn down for her nap early so that I could focus on Brooke. Thankfully she's somewhat calmed down now, but I'm still all pissed off. To top it off, my external hard drive is still being freaking stupid. I also want to make an appointment to talk to my doctor about some stuff, but I know they won't take me seriously. I already know what they will say and it just pisses me off even more. So...that's my day so far. Blah.

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