Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Positive thoughts!

Here's a rundown of the craziness that has occurred lately:

1. Pasha has a complete tear of her ACL, which is an injury that needs surgery to fix. A $3,000 surgery! Holy hell. She has to wait for a few months, but she'll have it fixed and be back to new again in no time. Luckily it doesn't seem to be causing her any pain.

2. A company we have an account through decided that they were going to take a $300 payment out of our checking account, even though we had already paid them for the month. Then they wanted to be jerks about giving it back.

3. On a somewhat funny note, my younger 2 daughters decided that my 50 lb bag of powdered sugar would be a great place to play this morning. Oh, and of course the dogs would love to have their bowls piled high with the sugary goodness. *sigh*

So, instead of being upset and stressed about all of the above, I'm going to think positively! I'm going to focus on things that make me happy and all the wonderful things I have in my life. My dog isn't in pain, even though she can't have surgery yet. We eventually got our money back into our checking account. I have 3 wonderful little girls and a fantastic husband, even if they all can (and do!) drive me crazy sometimes. There...I feel better already!

What's driving you crazy?

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