Wednesday, May 5, 2010

WIP Wednesday

I love to knit and do other crafty things. I also love to work on the house and remodeling/decorating. So why does it seem that nothing ever gets done?! I've decided that every Wednesday, I'm going to post progress pictures of my latest projects. Sort of an accountability. This week, I only have knitting to show. The first is a blanket I've been working on for my husband since October 2008. Not that it's that difficult, or that I'm quite that slow, it's just time-consuming. Because it is time-consuming, I feel like I need to sit down and work on it for hours at a time...which I never have time to do. So it sits in it's project tote and waits. It's time to change that! Here's where I am now:

I have about 25 inches done, and I'm aiming for about 60. So, it's almost halfway done. I love my husband, and he loves this blanket, so I'm going ot get it done for him. :)

The other thing I have going on right now is a pair of socks for our oldest munchkin. I had made her a pair of socks not too long ago, but they turned out to be too short in the foot, so they went to munchkin #2. That's the nice thing about having 3 girls! These socks are to make up for the others being too short:

There's not much to see right now. I just finished the toe increases, and I'm starting on the foot. This is going to be just your run-of-the-mill basic sock. Once I get a better feel for making socks fit the way I want, I'll venture into the wonderful patterns that I drool over on Ravelry!

Are you making progress on any projects?

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