Sunday, October 18, 2009

Birthdays, football, and more!

First of all: Happy Birthday Joey & Kaelyn! I'm a day late, but we were celebrating and just having a relaxing day at home yesterday! Yup, the hubby and our youngest daughter share a birthday. I woke him up at about 2:30 in the morning 2 years ago to wish him Happy Birthday, then told him it was time to go have a baby. After a lot of moaning and groaning, he finally got out of the bed, and I got to the hospital at about 8cm dilated. :) Nah, we weren't pushing it. Our youngest (and last) daughter was born about 30 minutes after we got to the hospital, and things have been all peachy since. peachy as life gets. LOL

On to football. The Steelers won again today, which makes me SUPER HAPPY! Something else that makes me super happy is my wonderful husband. His unit is having a day at the end of the month where the soldiers can pay a few dollars in exchange for being able to wear a jersey to work. If they don't participate, they have to wear their dress uniforms. We are avid football fans, but we've never actually bought any jerseys. So, being the wonderful wife that I am, I hopped on eBay to find a Dolphins jersey for the hubby. I found an orange Jason Taylor jersey for him, but we lost it at the last minute. I felt really bad and started looking for another one. Then, hubby utters the magic words “Why don’t you buy a Steelers jersey. I’ll sport that and then you can have it after.” :) Cue ray of sunshine as the heavens open up and hubby just one-ups my awesomeness. LOL I am now the proud owner of a Troy Polamalu home jersey that should be here in a week or so. Eeeeeek! I’m so excited! I was looking for any player’s home jersey, as I didn’t care which one I got. Getting one of my top 4 choices is just icing on the cake! My first choice would have been a Heath Miller jersey, as Heath just doesn't get enough love for his total badassness. There weren't any Heath jerseys within our price range, so we had to go to the number 2 spot - which just so happens to be a Roethlisberger/Polamalu/Ward tie. Whose jersey is the lucky jersey that gets to come live with me? Drum roll please...Troy Polamalu! Woohoo! I'm so excited! He is such an integral part of the Steelers' defense and team in general. Hopefully it will be here in a week or so.

I finally took some pictures of my recently finished knitting projects. I also started my first pair of 2-at-a-time toe-up magic loop socks. Whew, that's a mouthful, huh? LOL I'm making them for Isabella's Crazy Socks Day at school. So far 2AAT is pretty awesome. I'm excited that I'll be done with a whole pair when I finish, not just 1 sock. Ready for some pictures? Of course you are! First is my finished Column of Leaves hat:

Yes, I know, it's awesome. :) Next is Isabella's hat:

I know it looks like she's in trouble with her nose in the corner, but she's really not! Speaking of Isabella, here's the beginning of her Unicorn socks (Unicorn because I'm using Imagination sock yarn from KnitPicks in the Unicorn colorway, not because of the pattern name.):

Well, I think that's about all I have for right now. it's time to go pack lunches for tomorrow, then hit the showers with the hubby! Woohoo! Don't forget to thank a vet!

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