Monday, December 28, 2009

Almost 2010

There hasn't been much going on lately. We did the Christmas thing for the kids, hubby is taking some leave from work to spend some time home, and I'm still working on school stuff. I'm really trying to finish hubby's blanket, but it's just so time consuming and tedious. I know he'll be excited to see it finished though!

We've been thinking about buying a house here in Colorado. We really do love it here, and we're ready to finally buy a house instead of rent. We're hoping to pay off some bills with our tax return, then buy. I guess we'll see how that goes. We've been looking at new furniture and trying to get ideas for remodeling. I can't wait to finally buy a house and get to doing some projects!

Well, that's really all I have for now. There's so much that is about to happen, it's really exciting. I just wish it would hurry! Don't forget to thank a vet!

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