Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So many updates!

Sorry I've been away for so long, but it's been for good reason! My husband is HOME! Yes, home. As in here, in my arms. Okay, not at the moment, but you get what I'm saying. :) It is so awesome having him home. He finally made it home on March 16th after being in transit for over a week. The wait was horrible but sooo worth it! Here's a quick shot of the sign I made for him:

Nice, huh? That's over 70 feet of homecoming goodness. On a sad note, the wind ripped it down before he got to see the whole thing, but he got to see pictures. We had also made a couple other signs that he got to see.

Since my husband has come home, we've started doing a lot of reorganizing of the house and cleaning. We're moving to Colorado in a few months and trying to condense our stuff to as little as possible! I took it upon myself to reorganize my knitting needles. I have the KnitPicks Options interchangeable knitting needles. They used to come in a book that looked like a planner, but then they went to a plastic storage case. I like the book idea, so I bought one. Unfortunately it wasn't as great as I thought. The book was a bit too small for what I wanted and had some zipper problems. So what did I do? I went to Walmart and bought THIS:

Here's an inside shot. Each set of tips has its own spot, plus a place for cables. I even have my sock circulars for Magic Loop in there! Check it out:

I am so in love with all the pockets and places to put things. I have the pattern for the socks I'm working on in the front pocket on the outside of the case. It even has some paper for jotting down notes and a pen holder, since it was originally a planner. The handles retract so I can stick it in my purse and have ALL my needles at my fingertips! Except for those that are tangled up in other projects, of course. LOL

Speaking of other projects, check out my first pair of socks! The pattern was written for toe-up, two-at-a-time Magic Loop, but I am only doing one at a time to learn. Here they are in Mermaid Lagoon:

Well, that's about everything for now. Soon my hubby will be getting his workshop together. I'll be sure to give you the tour and show off the fabulous things he makes me. Don't forget to thank a vet!

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