Saturday, June 5, 2010

Learning Curve

I wrote a few days ago that I had gotten a Nikon D90. Since then, that thing has been practically surgically attached to my hand. This camera is amazing. Taking a great picture is easy to do right out of the box. Of course, I still got my fair share of blurry or almost-there-but-not-quite photos, but it didn't take long to start getting photos like this one of my oldest on the swing:

I love the way her hair is flying around her head. It's not perfect, but I'm getting closer! I've been having so much fun taking pictures that I haven't even attempted to tweak any of them in Photoshop.

One thing that has helped me tremendously is David Busch's Nikon D90 Guide to Digital SLR Photography. Man, this book is a lifesaver! After only 2 chapters, I feel a bit more at ease with the camera. Chapter 3 and beyond is where he really starts to get into the different settings. The pages are nice and thick too, so I'll probably be sticking this in my camera bag for reference without too much worry about destroying it.

Speaking of that book, it's time for me to sink myself back into it until the munchkins demand my full attention again. LOL Then maybe a trip to the park later for more pictures. What are your plans for this weekend?

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