Thursday, May 14, 2009


Today is just one of those pissy days. I had plans to do some shopping after the hubby got home from work, but that might not happen now because he had a craptastic day at work. It's not his fault, but I was kinda bitchy about it which makes me feel bad. The kids have been fighting with and fussing at each other all day. The stress of the upcoming move to Colorado is starting to weigh on me. I got a call today that said we might not get a house as soon as we had expected. Now it's back to looking for a house we can afford and hoping we find something very soon. There's still an entire house to pack, load, move, and unpack. I'm so looking forward to Colorado, but at this point I'm just over it. *sigh* Hopefully things will work out soon so I can stop stressing and focus on more important things. Blah. Don't forget to thank a vet!

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